Work Experience

Tech Lead

Driven AG / Crowdhouse AG

Oversaw the end-to-end development process, leading a cross-functional team in the design, development, and implementation of web applications, ensuring adherence to best practices, coding standards, and project timelines.

Collaborated with product managers and stakeholders to define project requirements and scope and translated them into technical specifications. Collaborated with team members, providing guidance on technical challenges, and fostering professional growth.

Stayed up to date with emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices to drive innovation and improve team efficiency.

Senior Software Engineer

Driven AG / Crowdhouse AG

Full- Typescript developer, in an Agile, test-oriented team.

Development of web applications with TypeScript, React and Material UI.

Development of GraphQL and Rest services in Node.js (NestJS, MySQL, AWS).

Deployment/management of headless CMS solution (Strapi).

Design of CI/CD pipelines and automations with Github Actions.

AWS management following infrastructure-as-code principles (Terraform).

Software Engineer

EF Education First / EF Kids & Teens

Development of Jam website with Gatsby (React with hooks) and AWS lambda – for integration with CMS (Storyblok), Salesforce, and other systems.

Development of modern server-side rendered websites using Next.js (React).

Development of web applications with TypeScript, React, and Styled Components.

Packaging and deployment of Docker and Kubernetes containers in AWS. AWS management (Terraform).

Design of CI/CD pipelines and automations with Github Actions, CircleCI, and Drone.

Development of REST and gRPC services in Go.

Implementation of OAuth2 authorization framework.

Development of Salesforce applications (sites, components, workflows, triggers); Salesforce management.

Design of technical solutions for teams in Switzerland, the USA, China, Great Britain, Malta, and South Africa.

Software Engineer

Tribunal Regional do Trabalho 17a Região - TRT-ES

Qualified to a senior position through a civil service examination with more than 1100 candidates.

Development of REST, SOAP and WCF services (C#), integrating several repositories (Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server, SharePoint) and business processes (judicial, administrative, human resources).

Development of the Court's enterprise portal, using ASP.NET. Development of WPF applications: an ECM / DMS client (VB.NET) for court documents, tasks, and automated workflows; a courtroom system (C#) that facilitates access to the digital case record and to the minute, during sessions.

Development of SharePoint client applications (CSOM), service endpoints (SSOM), webparts (JSOM) and workflows (Nintex). SharePoint administration (successfully managed a 2-phase upgrade of SharePoint and Nintex from 2013 to 2019).