Hello, my name is Marcos Alexandre Figur Messer

As a seasoned Engineering Manager based in Lucerne, Switzerland, I bring a wealth of experience in guiding diverse teams towards the successful delivery of complex software solutions. My passion lies in harnessing innovative technologies to solve real-world problems, fostering a culture of continuous learning and excellence within my teams. I am committed to driving projects that push the boundaries of what's possible in tech.

Engineering Manager

Expert in driving project success through effective leadership, fostering team growth, and implementing agile methodologies to enhance productivity and meet tight deadlines.

Full Stack Developer

Comprehensive expertise in modern front-end and back-end technologies (React, Node.js, C#, Python), with a proven track record in building scalable web applications and optimizing CI/CD pipelines for efficiency.

Coding Expertise

Advanced proficiency in multiple programming languages (TypeScript, C#, Python), with extensive experience in frameworks (React) and platforms (AWS, Docker), contributing to several successful projects.